“My son is on the best athletic team, but…

“My daughter takes lesson after lesson, but…

“We play year round, but…

The phrase that follows the word ‘but’ is the same in every case, “…my son/daughter isn’t seeing any improvements from year to year.”

Athletes at an all-time high are committing to one sport earlier and earlier, but there is a problem.  The model in most cases follows two components:

Play year round with an elite level organization
Invest in private instruction with a highly qualified instructor

The missing component, LONG TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT or Youth Fitness Training.  The Long Term Athletic Development model was created by the International Youth Conditioning Association and is followed closely by the trainers at Mac-N-Seitz.

Encourage multi-sport athletes!  Encourage training for fun! Encourage proper movement patterns before speed and strength!

free-2-week-trialMove, Train, Play 100 Level (Ages 10-11)

The 100 Level class will focus on getting the kids moving around in an efficient fashion. We will focus on proper technique for the most basic athletic movements. PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE FUN!  Each class will involve fun competitions such as relay races and obstacle courses to promote overall fitness.

Move, Train, Play 200 Level (Ages 12-13)

The 200 level class will be designed to focus on progression and regression of key athletic movements. It is important to practice proper technique so that the individuals can slowly progress to weights, getting them ready for more strenuous training in the future.  The classes will be split up working on proper technique using medicine balls, bands, and minimal free weights, leaving the rest of the class time incorporating those techniques into games and competitions.

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